Friday, 14 March 2014

Remember the Monsters?

Remember the Monsters?

Pure disappointment. The writers of the show seem to have become less and less interested as the show progressed, after an incredible first 4 or 5 seasons, they decided to create pointless plots that seemed to end with no dramatic tension or reason.

As the show goes, it could have been my favourite; even over Breaking Bad (I dare say). Dexter seemed so new and original when it first started, and it was executed perfectly up until season 5. Many seem to agree a perfect ending would have been in an alternative season 5 to the one that was created, where instead of Dexter killing the "Trinity Killer" in season 4, the next season could have been based on him avenging Rita's murder and finally being caught by Debra's (very odd and unconventional) "lover"; Agent Lundy. But no, we were almost forced to watch Dexter's now not so exciting life drag on.

The whole of season 8 was terrible in my opinion, although the introduction to Dr. Vogyl and her impact of the way Dexter has lived seemed as if it were a good idea, it turned out to be rather pointless. In the end she seemed to have no real link with the finale and a character created just to buy time throughout the season. Every viewer could have recognised the writers had no real plan how to end the show (much like "Lost") and just opted for a cheesy B-list rated ending, involving bad special effects for a storm and a serial killer lumberjack.

First of all; it was inevitable that Debra was going to die before the end of the series, so why were we giving the bad, false hope that she was going to survive for a split second? Again, to buy time to ride out the rest of the season as there was no real game plan to fill it up.  How was Dexter allowed to unplug a life support machine and wheel a dead woman through a completely packed hospital, you cannot tell me a storm allows people to just rob a dead patient from a hospital. The writers seem to think that they could use the storm as an outlet to all the stupidity shown in the episode, as if a storm means you can do anything you want without any consequences.
Now the thing that bugged and confused me the most, is why did Dexter Morgan dispose of Debra, one of the only people he ever loved, in the same manor as he had when killing paedophiles and murderers? Surely you'd want your closest family members deceased body to remain somewhere more respectful than a body bag buried into the sea? Obviously not in the curious case of Dexter Morgan.

Hannah. Just, Hannah. Dexter has now given custody of his young child to a crazy murderer who is wanted by federal police and whom attempted to murder his very own sister, to allow her to live with Harrison in Argentina. Great parenting I must say. But that's the least of Dexter's problems; he's busy somehow avoiding an inevitable death by a massive storm in Miami and becoming a Clark Kent like lumberjack. I have no words to describe how angry and disappointed I was at this ending, it was so useless and plain for the creative and exciting show we as viewers once loved.

Some people have suggested they ended it like this to make way for a return in the next few years, I deeply hope this isn't true. "Dexter" is now broken, trying to fix it will only make the memory of the show worse.

I remember the monsters.


  1. This useless post was worse than the ending.

  2. Deb's burial at sea was symbolic. Dexter left all the lives of his victims he destroyed in those waters, so it only seemed fitting he did the same for deb. Dexter felt responsible for destroying her life.